When Silver Batts were tested at Australian Institute of Tropical Architecture, James Cook University, Townsville, they prevented 100% heat flow down. They didn’t just slow it down, they completely eliminated it.

What makes Silver Batts an effective insulation for Australia’s harsh climate is not just the layers of foil, but the 50mm air cap between the foil.

The design of air combined with foil has given Silver Batts the highest “R” value in insulation. The value is up to R6.5. That’s up to 240% more effective than other types of insulation.

The “R” value is the standard measurement of thermal resistance. It measures how well insulation reduces heat. The higher the “R” value the better the insulation.

Silver Batts, available from Insulation Super Store come with a lifetime warranty, have the best possible fire rating and are approved by the asthma foundation of Victoria.