A newly-developed charcoal roofing paint lowers radiant heat in dwellings by 5°C compared to a normal trade line of the same colour.

The paint chemist for Insultec, Ketu Bhatt says it has taken many months to perfect, “People generally know us for our white and pastel tinted roofing paints that have been scientifically proven to reduce radiant heat in a dwelling by up to 47%,” Bhatt says.

“However to satisfy a strong demand for darker coloured roofing we developed Insultec to match the standard colorbond range.

“When we tested against regular charcoal paint for radiant heat, the Insultec sample recorded a 5°C lower temperature reading.

“Our normal range of Insultec has been so effective that it is now exported to more than 23 countries, Insultec is a real Australian success story.”

Insultec heat reflective coating stops a building heating up by insulating the exterior roof and walls, reflecting the suns heat away before it gets in to the ceiling or wall cavity. Once applied to the surface, Insultec heat reflective coating won’t allow that surface to heat up. It reflects away 85% of the radiant heat.

Project services in NSW conducted tests on two demountable school buildings at Clairgate Primary School and found that Insultec heat reflective coating lowered the temperature by up to 47% and reduced the cost of running the air-conditioning system by 77%.

Insultec’s uses are many. It is ideal for roofs and walls in both commercial and domestic buildings. Insultec can now be tinted to any colour. However, the pastel colours are still the more effective.

Insultec heat reflective coating is also formulated for use in a paint base for the DIY market. Called Its So Cool, it is ideal for the home handyman for uses on caravans, mobile homes, garage roller doors, roofs, walls, dog kennels, garden sheds and so on.

Insultec heat reflective coating is available from Insulation Super Store .