Insulation Super Store started operation in 1999. Their products include noise and wall insulation, ceiling and roof insulation, insulation paint, tinting and whirlybirds.

Reflecta Guard is one kind of roof insulation from Insulation Super Store. Reflecta Guard comes with acoustic dampening features in premium insulation. It provides R-value in the Reflecta-Range and reduces noise from rain. It is generally 13mm thick and 1500mm wide and its R-Value is up to R2.6.

Reflecta Cell is a foil insulation that is corrosion resistant and also resistant to original oxidisation. The Reflecta-Range products provide longevity and come with an anti-slip feature.

Reflecta Shield Roll is designed to suit standard roof spans. The 30sqm shield roll offers long term comfort as well as cost savings.