The Vulcathene system is a comprehensive chemical waste drainage system from Insapipe Industries . Vulcathene from Insapipe Industries was the first product to receive Agrement Board Certification for chemical waste drainage. Vulcathene from Insapipe Industries is known for efficient chemical waste drainage.

The Vulcathene Mechanical system is a corrosion resistant plumbing system which can be connected to a number of laboratory items such as drip dups, dastes, sinks, anti-siphon traps and expansion joints. The Vulcathene Enfusion (electrofusion) range of chemical waste fittings has been designed for use with mechanical joints.

The Vulcathene Mechanical plumbing system is designed for the safely carrying low pressure chemical effluents and can be used in Universities, Schools, Hospitals and laboratories. Mechanical pipe fittings are robustly constructed with component parts injection moulded in black polypropylene. The Mechanical jointing system employs a patented technique to give a lasting leak-free connection that is capable of being undone and remade a number of times without affecting the joint's efficiency.

The Vulcathene Mechanical plumbing system has been designed for the safe conveyance of low pressure chemical effluents making it an ideal choice for universities, schools, hospitals and industrial laboratory installations.