Contemporary design is an incredibly complex field with increasingly stringent regulations, standards to adhere to, and market concerns regarding technical performance, health, sustainability and aesthetics. Architects, designers and specifiers working on commercial and residential building projects need to factor in several considerations when selecting their materials palette.

A new whitepaper from Innowood takes a closer look at architectural timber and its resurging popularity as a material for interior spaces. Titled ‘The resurgence of architectural timber in interior use’, the whitepaper explores how advances in technology and design creativity have made this age-old material a viable solution in contemporary design. 

Learn more about the high performance characteristics of new composite timber materials in addition to their design flexibility and health benefits in interior design applications. Innowood also provides architects, designers and specifiers a selection of high quality architectural timber solutions that can enhance their next commercial or residential project.

Find out how Innowood has been driving this resurgence.