InnoClad from Innowood is a flat joint cladding system made from sustainable materials that helps achieve the architect’s design intent as well as environmental goals.

Featuring a flat joint fixing system that incorporates a continuous aluminium connection, InnoClad can be installed to create a uniform cladding finish using a conventional single profile; alternatively, three different profile sizes of the same colour or different colours can be mixed to create a unique aesthetic that makes for an elegant cladding feature.

InnoClad flat joint cladding system can be incorporated into a cladding or ceiling application based on the design requirement. The flat joint concealed fixing system connects two boards together with aluminium clips to give a uniform 1mm shadow line between the cladding boards, altogether creating an elegant look.

The environmentally sustainable and lightweight flat joint concealed fixing system combines an elegant aesthetic with the flexibility to achieve a premium natural timber look and feel. With highly sustainable materials at its core, Innowood flat joint cladding also addresses the importance that architects place on eco-friendly building products.

Architects can achieve their design objectives by incorporating InnoClad flat joint shiplap cladding on both exterior and interior surfaces. Innowood demonstrates that environmentally sustainable products can enhance any façade while maintaining their durability even in the most challenging environments.