From increasingly stringent regulations to industry and market concerns regarding technical performance, health, sustainability and aesthetics, the demands on Australian designers and specifiers are growing more complex. Against this backdrop, new building materials, technologies and systems have emerged, including advancements that have elevated the performance profile of age-old materials like timber. Designers and specifiers are turning to next generation architectural timber products, including timber composite materials, to meet the needs of contemporary design and construction.

'An age-old solution to contemporary challenges: The resurgence of architectural timber in interior use' explores how advances in technology and design creativity have made architectural timber a viable solution for interior spaces in modern building projects. The term “architectural timber” is defined. We then discuss the shortcomings of alternative materials before highlighting the aesthetic, performance, design flexibility and health benefits of architectural timber, especially timber composite materials. Finally, we present a range of high performance composite timber products that offer enhanced performance characteristics and premium natural wood aesthetics ideal for almost any commercial or residential application.

For over a decade, Innowood has been the global leader in sustainable, high performance composite timber products that address the complexities of contemporary design across all sectors. The company utilises its extensive commercial, residential and industrial experience to deliver a range of high quality architectural solutions, including InnoClad, InnoCeil, InnoScreen and InnoFloor systems.

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