A custom ceiling profile produced by Innowood Australia Pty Ltd met the design objectives and also addressed the fire safety concerns of the architect designing the GU Film House project in Glenelg, South Australia.

The architectural brief sought a timber ceiling that would satisfy both safety and aesthetic requirements. In addition to a Group 1 fire rating, the ceiling also needed to feature a sophisticated modern design that would incorporate the building’s lighting requirements.

Innowood created a custom ceiling profile crafted from a specially formulated material to achieve the required Group 1 fire rating in accordance with AS/NZS 3837 - Specification A2.4 of the BCA. The ceiling panels were also designed to seamlessly integrate the LED lights.

Innowood’s custom made ceiling enabled the architect of the GU Film House project to achieve the required Group 1 fire rating as well as the elegant aesthetic he had envisioned for the project.