Innowood Australia Pty Ltd was one of the notable sponsors at The Sustainability Awards 2018.

Innowood had also taken part in the 2017 Sustainability Awards organised by Infolink and Architecture & Design, held at Dolton House, Darling Island, Pyrmont, where the company sponsored the award for the ‘Public’ category.

The Public category award was given to LendLease by Innowood founder John Kozlowski for their project Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Innowood also took the opportunity to introduce their screening, cladding, decking and snap fixing ceiling systems at the event. The prestigious platform enabled the Innowood team to showcase new products and material improvements, which attracted high interest and positive reviews. The product showcase also prompted further discussions related to sustainability such as fire rating, and the Environment Product Declaration (EPD).

Image: InDesign Sustainability Awards; Photography by Tim da-Rin