Premium Fibre Deck, a wood composite decking product from Innowood was chosen by the designer, Turner Studio for the affordable housing project on Wentworth Street, Glebe, NSW.

A City West Housing initiative that provides affordable rental housing across the City of Sydney for people with low to moderate incomes, the complex provides its residents with the benefits of living close to jobs, support and other amenities.

Innowood’s Premium Fibre Deck is a patented dual fibre layer coextrusion selected by Turner Studio for its performance and close resemblance to natural timber in appearance and feel. Perfect for installation in common areas around plants, barbeques and ramps, Premium Fibre Deck is the ideal outdoor living solution.

Premium Fibre Deck adds the warm feel of timber decking without the inherent drawbacks of natural timber that can swell, crack and splinter when exposed to the elements. Unlike conventionally available composite decking products, Innowood’s Premium Fibre Deck features a patented dual fibre layer that dramatically reduces and restricts movement.

This composite decking solution is perfect for your landscaping needs in multi-residential, commercial, public spaces and private courtyards. Innowood’s Premium Fibre Deck is prefinished, quick and easy to install, durable and long-lasting, safe and splinter-free, low maintenance, slip-resistant, and water- and termite-resistant, and also features superior thermal movement control.

Innowood’s commitment to the environment

Innowood materials are 100% recyclable and sustainable, and aim to protect the environment by recycling the material that would otherwise be destined for the landfill.

Innowood is proud to be part of the continued success of the City West Housing initiative.