The latest sustainable timber alternative from Innowood was showcased at the designEX exhibition this week at Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

InnoDeck™ Deck Tiles are designed using composite timber for modular-decks, making them suitable for a multitude of applications including rooftops, urban patios, terraces, balconies, courtyards and in water features.

"We have a multitude of designs and it is universal in its applications," affirms Innowood’s founder, John Kozlowski.

According to Innowood, these deck tiles help keep buildings cooler and utilise available outdoor spaces, turning them into Green living spaces. InnoDeck™ Deck Tiles are long lasting, durable, require minimal maintenance and quick and easy to install.

"It doesn’t absorb water and it is low maintenance," adds Kozlowski.

Formed 8 years ago, Innowood has been providing environmentally friendly solutions to the commercial and residential  market, encouraging them to become ‘Greener’ in their way of thinking.