Innowood Australia Pty Ltd provided a sustainable, durable and visually appealing timber alternative for the Wharf 8 & 9 project at Sydney Harbour. Wharf 8 & 9 is part of Sydney’s spectacular Finger Wharf residential development directly fronting the harbour.

Natural timber was the material of choice for PTW Architects when they designed the project. However, concerns about the harsh marine environment made them seek a sustainable alternative that would match the performance and aesthetic of real timber. The timber alternative needed to withstand marine intertidal zones and salt spray exposure.

Innowood’s sustainably sourced and manufactured composite timber product, which was recommended for the construction of Wharf 8 & 9, has been tested and proven to be suitable for marine intertidal zones and salt spray environments, meeting every requirement of the architectural brief.

PTW Architects was able to create the look of natural timber, thereby achieving their design vision for the project while ensuring the structure would stand the test of time as well as withstand salt water and the weather, including the harsh Australian sun.

This project also demonstrates to the industry that Innowood is capable of delivering the ideal timber alternative for challenging environments.