INLINE Systems supplies flexiscope piccolo used in dental endoscopy, flexiscope classic intra-oral camera systems and flexiscope micro vision systems.

There is a wide range of digital x-ray systems provided by INLINE Systems. Flexiray connect EVO3 is a high resolution digital x-ray system is based on the full size sensor technology. One sensor for all applications theory is applied in this. Perfect and precise images from the sensor to the computer are provided with this equipment.

Newtom VG, supplied by INLINE Systems, is a high resolution three dimensional cone beam technology digital radiographic imaging. This technology is the one of the most important components in dental practices and new imaging technology and has emerged in the dental industry as a cone beam computed tomography. This technology enables to use three dimensional imaging as a critical diagnostic as well as treatment planning tool.

Global microscopes with various dimensions are also supplied by INLINE Systems. Global G3 dental microscope used as the entry level dental microscope is unique and compact balancing system is used in it. G3 system provides brighter and whiter illumination than traditional microscopes.

Surgical loupes and headlights are also supplied by INLINE Systems. SurgiTel’s ultralight FLM telescopes are capable of comfortable level of working magnification and expanded field sizes as well as long depth of fields.