Greg Tanzer, owner of Tanzer Pest Control, has recently purchased a Snakeye III Remote Camera System as an invasive inspection tool. Snakeye III Remote Video Inspection Camera is available from INLINE Systems .

Some examples of past inspections carried out included a brick infill patio slab that Greg was able to check inside through a small hole. In doing so, he was able to see termite workings on the underside of the slab (there was a cavity of about 100mm where the soil had compacted).

Another job in which Greg used the Snakeye III remote video inspection camera was to thoroughly inspect under a bathtub. It allowed him to see right up around the frame supporting the bath and to find a termite entry point under the shower tray. Greg was able to determine where damage was present without opening up the wall cavity and saved costly repairs for the homeowner.

Greg now carries the Snakeye III remote video inspection camera system for inspecting hard to reach areas. With the LCD display, he was able to show homeowners what he was looking at. The Snakeye III remote video inspection camera captures photos of the inspection at the same time.