Inline Systems  has introduced German manufactured and battery driven VIS230 Wohler service camera.

The VIS230 Wohler service camera is based around the individual components that consumers have come to know and can still purchased separately if required, but the new VIS230 Wohler service camera is housed in its own purpose built portable custom transport case ideal for storage and easy deployment anywhere.

The Wohler service cameras are ideally suited to any visual inspection of dark cavities and enclosures, examples are: sewer or storm water pipes, ventilation ducts, machinery, chassis and structures, walls or ceiling structural elements.

The VIS230 Wohler service camera comprises a high end low cost portable 960 x 234 pixel TFT LCD PAL display which measures 5.6” diagonal and has RCA video output.

The Wohler service camera operates on a rechargeable 12v NiCd which offers a 1.5 hour duration. Optional accessory sonde and locator are available for the kit also.

The specifications of the camera head are colour 3.0 lux 26mm x 38mm with 12 bright white LED’s for illumination.