Ingrams Clocks  is a pioneer in manufacturing small industrial clocks. These small industrial time systems are provided with complete service support to the clients.

A comprehensive range of off-the-shelf time systems is also stocked by Ingrams Clocks. These time systems normally have a diameter of six hundred millimetres. Ingrams Clocks also offers advanced wireless clock systems. The advanced radio page clocks are synchronised through a central computer. This enables the radio page time signal to update the radio page clocks regularly.

These advanced radio page clocks, provided by Ingrams Clocks, require less installation cost. They also work properly. The advanced radio page clocks are ideal to be used in the situations where it is difficult and expensive to run clocks through dedicated wires.

The master and slave systems are also supplied from Ingrams Clocks. These master and slave systems are suitable for use in schools, hospitals and large buildings. There is a high demand for master and slave systems, provided by Ingrams Clocks. These systems are upgraded and provided with full service support. 

The technical professionals, at Ingrams Clocks, resolve various problems related to commercial time systems. Ingrams Clocks has also given equal importance to sports clocks. High profile sports venues have also used the clocks provided by Ingrams Clocks.