INGAL EPS  provides a complete range of aluminium poles, street lighting and flood lighting poles. The aluminium poles, provided by INGAL EPS, are lightweight poles. The aluminium poles are made from flawless tapered
aluminium. The aluminium poles, provided by INGAL EPS, consist of approximately ninety per cent of recycled aluminium and can also be recycled further. 

The light poles by INGAL EPS, are available with a protective wrap to protect them against corrosion. The street lighting poles are protected with a cable entry slot.

The lowering systems such as handrail seesaws are the perfect solutions to be used for handrail mounted lighting applications because these are safe seesaws and require less maintenance costs. The handrail seesaws, by INGAL EPS, are easy to be installed anywhere.
The poles of these handrail seesaws are flexible enough to be rotated up to 360 degrees to point the luminary in the preferred direction. The handrail seesaws need only one person to operate them comfortably. There is no need to work at an height with these handrail seesaws.

The floodlighting mall poles, by INGAL EPS, are ideal to provide primary floodlighting solutions. The circular parallel pipe construction mall poles are also suitable for post top luminaries. These floodlighting mall poles are hot tip galvanised and can also be made available in different colours. INGAL EPS also offers the circular hollow sections of mall poles with luminary adaptors.