Any general car park barrier system must be capable of withstanding the relevant impact loads and minimise any residual energy being passed onto the structure that is being protected.  

The horizontal imposed action on car park barriers required to withstand the accidental impact from vehicles during parking shall be 30kN for barriers installed in light traffic areas. This load is based upon a 1500kg vehicle travelling at 2m/s and 0.1m crumple zone.  

Spring steel car park barriers available from Ingal Civil Products are specifically designed for low-speed, perpendicular impacts. After undergoing a series of crash tests carried Ingal Civil Products’ spring steel car park barriers to determine the effects of different impact forces and subsequent barrier deflections, it was found that spring steel car park barriers well exceeded the minimum requirements stipulated in AS1170.1.  

Ingal spring steel car park barriers are flexible, enabling them to absorb a higher level of impact force than is required by the standard, while still complying with the requirement to halt and contain the vehicle. The same test vehicle was used for all tests. Damage to the test vehicle was minimal, the only damage being the detachment of the plastic bumper cover during the final high-speed test.  

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