Used worldwide, glasswool and rockwool insulation products provide excellent insulation and are safe to use. These insulation types are usually sold to the market in batts or blanket format.

According to the Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand (ICANZ), these products are safe to use under all conditions. 

ICANZ highlighted a range of benefits for using glasswool and rockwool insulation which include:
  • efficient thermal, acoustic and fire insulation qualities
  • reduction of energy consumption
  • reducing fluctuations of temperature in buildings
  • helps reduce noise pollution
  • no absorbtion of moisture from the atmosphere and a neutral pH
  • no risk of harmful chemicals leaching from the product or corrosion
  • lightweight and easy to install
  • Rockwool is incombustible and can be used as a fire barrier in certain applications
When it comes to OH&S, benefits include:
  • helps create a safer work environment
  • protects personnel from hot surfaces
  • improves personal comfort and efficiency
ICANZ has listed a number of recommendations for certified installers and builders that handle and install glasswool and rockwool insulation products.

The recommended handling and installation are:
  • always read the label before opening the packaging and commencing work
  • wear gloves and loose fitting long sleeve clothing
  • avoid exposure to dust in poorly ventilated areas or enclosed spaces
  • wear dust mask or protective mask and eye protection
  • excess or waste cut-offs should be disposed of responsibly and safely
Fletcher Insulation provide a number of glasswool products which include:
  • Ductflex™ Glasswool Insulation: lightweight and flexible glasswool roll products for insulating all types of compressible flexible ducting
  • Glasswool Section Pipe Insulation (SPI): is manufactured from rigid glasswool pre-moulded into one-piece cylindrical sections. Suitable for temperatures up to 340ºC
  • FI 48 Rigid Glasswool Sheets and Acoustic Blanket:  suitable for a broad range of industrial applications 
  • Hi-Temp Lagging glasswool rolls and sheets: for heavy industrial insulation
CSR Bradford Insulation 's rockwool products are:
  • Fibretex Rockwool Ductliner™ 60kg/m³: heavy duty premium thermal and acoustic insulation for external and internal duct lining
  • Fibretex Rockwool Ductliner™: highly durable insulation product that provides cost effective, non-combustible thermal insulation
Both insulation products are cost effective and provide long term insulation performance to residential, commercial and industrial projects.