Cosentino Group lists out five top trends in interior design for 2016.

Key design trends making news this year include a preference for blue hues for a warm vibe, matte finishes to add a stylish touch, nature-inspired design, traditional pieces transformed with a modern twist, and a fondness for neutral colours.

Key interior design trends for 2016

1. Blue is the new Black

While black is an all-time popular choice in home design, blue hues are being preferred this year to add a bolder and warmer look in the home. Blue perfectly complements any space without compromising depth or style, unlike black tones, which can often look harsh and overpower other colours.

2. Matte finishes are a must-have

Matte finishes have always been associated with style. In interior design, matte lends a modern edge that will add greater interest to the overall style. Cosentino recommends Silestone Suede finish, a unique matte texture perfect for modern designs to add a subtle, elegant touch to the home. Suede is available in more than 30 colours across Cosentino's signature Silestone range from the celestial, cool tones of Lyra, to the earthy hues of Blanco Capri.

3. Nature knows

A popular preference in home styling, nature inspired design is set to grow in 2016. Cosentino suggests the natural warm, earthy tones of the beautiful Dekton Sirius and Keranium worktop to bring a contemporary nature feel into the home.

4. Traditional goes modern

Tradition will never go out of style but 2016 trends will re-introduce it into home design with a modern twist. Take inspiration from this season of The Block, where winning couple Shay and Dean updated the Scandinavian look in their apartment to make it a crowd favourite. The couple used contrasting benchtops in Blanco Orion on the island and Cemento Spa with a suede finish.

5. New neutrals

Another all-time favourite, the neutral trend, which is a key component of creating a comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere in the home, will continue to grow in 2016. The neutral palette will be seen in the form of muted hues that offer a timeless look, complemented perfectly with tones such as Makai from Cosentino's Dekton Spring Colour range.

Image: Neutral hues will reign this year (Photo Credit: The Good Guys Kitchens)