As most Australians will tell you, a stunning water feature can really provide that perfect finishing touch and point of interest for any landscaped garden or public area, however large or small. If the project in question isn't lucky enough to have be in a water side location (or even if it is) a man made water feature is the way forward.

Infolink takes a quick look at different water features options and its expert companies that can help supply, install and even custom design them for you.

Water Fountains – Australia’s public areas feature some stunning examples of water fountains, such as the Martin Place fountain that featured in The Matrix film, the El Alamein (or Dandelion) Fountain in Sydney and Canberra’s famous National Naval Memorial fountain.

Living Water Designs specialise in creating and installing a truly inspiring range of water features that include water fountains and stunning aquafalls.

Swimming Pools & Spas – In Australia’s hot climes any truly luxurious hotel or dream home features an outdoor spa and/or swimming pool.

Award winning Sunset Pools can help to custom design and install a unique pool or spa, as can Ecozen Pools & Landscapes and Award Pools & Landscapes, whose beach entry and infinity pools have really grabbed Infolink’s imagination. Companies such as Zane Solar Pool Heating Australia can help with ongoing maintenance and temperature control.

Waterfalls & Cascades – The Hunter Valley Memorial Garden waterfall is a spectacular example of how beautiful a man made water feature can really be. Waterfalls can take a number of different forms such as block, fan, frozen, multi-step and tiered, and can even be integrated with swimming pools.

Natureworks and Living Water Designs are two companies that can help to design and install beautiful landscaped waterfalls and cascades.

Ponds & Lakes – The real beauty of installing a man made pond or lake as a landscape feature is that each pond, however small or large, can develop into its own self contained ecosystem; bringing wildlife into urban as well as rural areas.

Pond Solutions and Pond Art are two companies that can help to design and install ponds, as well as fit them out with pumps, plants, fish and sculptures that will really enhance any outdoor area.

Bird Baths - Even the smallest of courtyards can add a water feature and draw in the beauty of the local wildlife, by installing a bird bath.

Winterstone and the Wagga Iron Foundry are two companies that produce very different styles of beautiful bird baths that will compliment any landscaping or garden project.

Many of the featured companies cover more than one category of water feature design. Visit their listings on Infolink to find out more about their products and to keep up to date with the latest news.