Revend Recycling, a UK corporation, has announced the launch of an innovative new product that promises to streamline the recycling process for domestic light bulbs and batteries.

Recycling rates in the domestic lighting industry are currently in sharp focus internationally, with significant waste tonnage amounts remaining untreated and unprocessed.

The reVend reverse vending recycling machine aims to improve these recycling rates while assisting companies and organisations to comply with their recycling targets and environmental recycling obligations.

Add-on units are also available that are designed to collect and recycle domestic batteries, which contain valuable and scarce natural mineral resources.

Revend's light bulb reverse vending recycling machines feature:

  • automated safe collection and recycling of domestic light bulbs, including incandescent bulbs, CFL light bulbs and LED light bulbs
  • unique in-built technology to safely recycle light bulbs containing mercury and other hazardous materials
  • an automated soft drop system to safely collect and lower light bulbs into a special collection container, minimising breakages
  • internal mercury fume extractor and mercury fume filter to absorb / remove any escaped mercury fumes
  • technology for compiling auditable statistics on bulb types by manufacturer and volumes recycled
  • user friendly LED touch screen menu with options for numerous languages
  • database updated regularly via telemetry from anywhere in the world by authorised users; and
  • automatic sending of text or email when secure light bulb storage container is nearly full and needs emptying.

The units comply with all EU and USA environmental and recycling standards, and are currently being rolled out across a number of IKEA stores in Europe.

Currently no local companies distribute these innovative new recycling machines. Revend Recycling says that it would be pleased to hear from interested companies.