Timber is a natural building material that offers superior performance and environmental advantages. It is a versatile, sustainable, attractive and cost effective building material that combines beauty, performance and environmental advantage.

According to Wood Solutions , timber's flexibility and versatility offer a variety of design options that are limited only by imagination. 

Properly treated recycled wood materials offer a multitude of building and design solutions, creating living spaces alive with beauty, warmth and comfort.

Top 3  reasons for using wood products
Wood Solutions is an industry initiative designed to provide independent, non-proprietary information about timber and wood products to professionals and companies involved in building design and construction.

Wood Solutions highlight the three main benefits of using wood or timber in the building and construction industry:
  • Environmental 
    • renewable, sustainable resource that store carbon dioxide
    • the manufacture process of wood products requires smaller amounts of energy and it can be reused or recycled
    • low embodied energy
    • maximise Green Star Energy rating credits
  • Design Advantages
    • timber materials have aesthetic appeal 
    • cost effective alternative to other major building material choices
    • versatile and can be used in various contemporary uses and applications
    • engineered wood products create structures that are strong, visually appealing and unique
  • Product Performance
    • provides acoustic, thermal and strength performance
    • in a fire situation, timber performs in a measurable, predictable way allowing designers the ability to create strong, durable, fire resistant timber constructions
Timber or wood is a versatile building material that can be used for structural applications such as beams, walls, flooring, formwork and large timber panels.

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