The Australian Lighting Industry Association (ALIA) is a non-profit body with a national presence that encompasses individuals who are passionate about lighting in its various forms.

ALIA provides a platform for individuals who specialise in different aspects of the lighting industry, from the science, aesthetics and study through to the installation and manufacture, to communicate and form bonds with one another.

The facilitation of this community is perhaps best exemplified upon analysis of the association’s website, which features snap shots of lighting industry professionals, employment opportunities, items for sale and online forums.

The association is comprised of a combination of corporate members, member organisations and education members. These include Jands and Lightech , the Channel 10 Network, Sydney and Melbourne Theatre Companies, Sydney and Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centres, Victorian College of Arts and Shore School.

A number of goals clearly define ALIA’s purpose in the lighting industry. The association aims to ensure lighting industry professionals are well informed when it comes to issues of high importance or common concern. This is achieved by researching and then circulating the appropriate information to members.

Informing not only current lighting industry professionals but new and potential industry professionals, along with government, training, standards and regulatory bodies and the media, is also of high importance. 

The ALIA website contains a vast array of information that covers the latest in lighting news, tech topics, links to other useful lighting related websites and a brands search system, and this is widely available to members and non-members.

The association advocates for and assists in the development of appropriate industry standards, both in terms of equipment and services. The aim here is to ensure the inception and use of safe and reliable lighting products and the use of only certified and accredited lighting industry professionals.

Education and training is important for the continued development of lighting industry professionals and the lighting industry in general, and ALIA place emphasis on promoting and facilitating this.

Standard organisation membership is open to anyone with an interest in lighting, while professional, student, organisation, education and corporate memberships have specific requirements.

Photo: a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 image from Jelena Ardila's flickr photostream