Spring retractable hose reels have enhanced workplace safety across a wide range of Australian industries by eliminating the trip hazards associated with industrial hoses. Several businesses have reported significantly reduced WorkCover claims for trips and falls caused by industrial hoses following the installation of retractable hose reels.

Tecpro Australia has now increased the safety factor even more by designing a new range of spring retractable hose reels to address a potential injury hazard in the existing design. Spring retractable hose reels have a tendency, unless carefully controlled by the user, to retract at speed. If the operator drops or releases the hose when it’s under tension, there is a chance the retracting hose and heavy duty hose gun might whip back, potentially injuring a worker or damaging equipment.

Tecpro has introduced a speed limiting mechanism in its spring retractable hose reels to eliminate this risk. A new safety brake system has been integrated in Tecpro’s spring retractable hose reels to slow down the speed of hose reel retraction. This brake system has now earned FDA approval for use in the food industry.

Tecpro’s hose reel safety brake uses a compact, adjustable pawl locking mechanism that attaches to the spring retractable hose reel.