The Australian-owned TCK Solar sources and supplies some of the best solar energy solutions in the Australian market.
One of the world’s most reputable solar panel providers, TCK Solar helps Australian homeowners and businesses reduce 60% - 100% from their power bills with the installation of the right solar system. These figures indicate a dramatic shift in what home and business owners should expect from their solar panel investment, with the TCK Solar panels outperforming faulty, failing or inefficient systems in the market by as much as 28%.
TCK Solar’s new SOLbond panel is an ultra-thin, lightweight solar panel system from SOLON, a leading German solar panel manufacturer. Requiring less primary energy to manufacture, the SOLbond panels recoup the energy it takes to produce them in only eight months, making them very popular in the green segment.
Key features of SOLbond solar panels:

  • Simple, four-step silicone adhesive installation
  • Adhesive has excellent weather- and UV-resistance
  • Designed for flat roofs, both composite and trapezoidal of contemporary architecture
  • 3.2mm thickness
  • Weighs only 10kg/m² making it perfect for areas with low load-bearing reserves
  • High power density at up to 155Wp/m²
  • Proven insulator, helping to save more on energy usage  
  • 10-year product guarantee and up to 25 years’ warranty on adhesive binding
Timo Karnath, industrial engineer and Technical Director of TCK Solar, and former Production Manager at SOLON in Germany explains that lower-quality solar panels come at a price and have several risks attached. For instance, the manufacturer may not have the experience required to make the product and may not survive beyond 2-5 years in a competitive market.
However, SOLbond panels come with a 10-year product guarantee and up to 25 years of warranty on the adhesive binding, and can even last for 40 years.
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