Solar power is often considered as an energy efficient solution for the home, especially in water heating applications.

However, it is still debatable whether the sun is the best source of energy when it comes to hot water heating. Though Australians have embraced natural resources such as the sun for energy, rooftop solar heating may not always be the most energy efficient or cost effective solution for water heating, especially in homes positioned away from the sun.

On days when the sun does not shine, rooftop solar hot water heating systems rely on expensive boosting from an electric or gas heating source.

An energy efficient alternative is the hot water heat pump (HWHP) system that absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to heat the water.

Sanden Eco hot water heat pumps have an operating range of -10°C to +43°C, using a special natural refrigerant (R744) to ensure consistent and efficient performance in any season.

Sanden Eco heat pumps offer several advantages over flat panel rooftop solar systems, day or night, including energy savings, low ongoing operational costs, discreet installation, whisper quiet operation, and simple installation.

A rooftop solar flat panel system is proven to use 38% more energy than a Sanden HWHP. Sanden heat pumps offer discreet installation with no unsightly roof panels and can fit in the same space as a traditional electric water storage system. Their whisper quiet operation reaches only 38 decibels.

The Sanden HWHP is also quicker, easier and cheaper to install than rooftop solar panels, and receives one of the highest STC rebates for any currently available hot water heat pump system for immediate savings.