A tradesperson who installs security doors, grilles and equipment in any building must hold a Security Industry licence (Class 2C or 2E or 2F), according to the NSW Government of Fair Trading.

The performance of security activities is governed by the Security Industry Act 1997 and Security Industry Regulation 2007. The licence has been designed with the intention of providing the community of Australia with a professional security industry with competency, integrity and accountability are provided and maintained to high standard. 

If the tradesperson is installing the security features in a residential building, the person is exempt from the provisions of the Home Building Act 1989. However, that is provided the contract is confined to the work authorised under the tradesperson’s licence (the installation of security doors, grilles or equipment).

A tradesperson licensed under the Home Building Act 1989 in the categories of general building work, metal fabrication or minor maintenance is exempt from the requirements of the Security Industry Act.

However, this is provided when the tradesperson is in the course of their building activities, or maintenance services, installs basic security equipment, such as locks, but only to the extent to which the person provides the services.

A consumer is entitled to goods, which must be:

  • Fit for the purpose supplied
  • As described or match the sample
  • Of merchantable quality
If there is a dispute, the consumer or tradesperson may lodge a claim under the Home Building Act 1989 with the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal

For more information on the Security Act Licence for the installation of security doors, grilles and equipment visit the NSW Fair Trading website, or contact the ASIAL - Australian Security Industry Association to find out where to get a security industry licence.