The Australian owned and operated is bringing over 37,000 pieces of plant and equipment for hire to the screens of online searchers from across Australia., a mega online search portal will offer a comprehensive range of plant and equipment for hire online. Over 200,000 searches are made for plant and equipment hire related terms on Google in Australia every month, contributing to what has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

A dedicated online plant and equipment hire database suitable for a wide range of industries, the website will directly link searchers who have specific hire requirements from forestry and farming, to mining and construction, with plant and equipment hire companies across Australia.

The website is the brainchild of CEO and co-founder, Michael Trusler, a qualified engineer by trade who came up with the concept while working onsite in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

Mr Trusler explained that he dreaded starting new jobs on mine and large construction sites due to the time-consuming searches for hiring plant and equipment. Hiring equipment went beyond finding the right machine to getting all the safety features and correct attachments that go with it. The current economic climate also restricted construction companies from investing in new equipment. has stepped in to address this need in the market by giving various companies the option of hiring machinery equipped with an operator if preferable, which is more cost effective.

He also found it astonishing that the hire plant and equipment industry, which is so heavily relied upon for huge infrastructure and construction projects, didn’t have a central online database in Australia that could meet all of their plant and equipment requirements.

A key objective for is to directly connect plant and equipment hire suppliers with searchers from across the country via Google and other search engines – from construction managers building $100 million projects to site managers working on smaller infrastructure jobs. has attracted more than 37,000 listings from over 500 plant and equipment hire companies from across Australia. Companies can search, compare and secure plant and equipment for hire in a hurry, along with project-specific safety features and attachments. Searchers can specify their exact hire requirements, including hire duration, specific safety features, attachments, and even site/mine passouts.

Enquiries and quote requests are sent directly to the supplier in real-time via email and SMS, which means searchers can receive an immediate response from a range of suppliers, from all locations, via the website.

Plant and equipment hire suppliers can upload detailed descriptions and images of their plant and equipment, safety features and attachments enabling searchers to view the product before contacting the supplier via phone/email or through the online ‘enquire and quote request’ lead generation system. also allows suppliers to upload their company and branch information onto a company profile page, which functions as a mini website, especially for smaller, more remote businesses.

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