Ruukki introduces a new Ramor protection panel ideal for creating safe rooms and fixed structures with superior resistance to explosions and ballistic threats.

Offering excellent multi-hit capability, Ramor protection panels deliver a modular, dimensionally accurate solution for advanced ballistic protection needs. Featuring a special laser-welded sandwich core between two Ramor protection steel sheets, the panel is a light-structured, self-supporting robust building element that can be easily installed.

Typical applications of Ramor protection panels include border control and security gate buildings, as well as modular citadels, panic rooms and other fixed structures designed to address possible ballistic and blast attacks in areas where the scope for constructing heavy duty permanent buildings is often impractical.

Key features of Ramor protection panels:

  • Modular flat-pack system allows structures to be assembled and dismantled rapidly, repeatedly and easily
  • Allows quick and hassle-free modular construction of temporary buildings in sensitive locations
  • No need for on-site welding during assembly
  • Tested to comply with global ballistic and blast standards including EN 1522 and Stanag 4659
  • Proven protection against different types of gunfire, including multiple high velocity rounds from an AK-47
Jani Kastell, Sales Manager, Ramor explains that the ballistic protection panels can be used for citadels or safe rooms in any vessel sailing through high risk waters. A citadel is a stronghold in which the ship's crew can hide and stay safe in the event of a pirate attack, and can also serve an important safety function on oil and gas drilling platforms against the pressure effects of explosions.

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