C&G is the authorised representative of Perceptive Profile Sdn Bhd in Australia, which is the leading player in the WPC market in Malaysia.
AB wood is our brand name for wood plastic composite material. The material consists of 70% saw dust and 30% of virgin polymer, and is free from any chemical treatment.
To make this material, the virgin polymer is melted at a temperature of 200 °C, which acts as a bonding agent to combine with the saw dust. Colour pigment and additives are added, but the wood is free from preservative wood treatments and formaldehyde, creating a safe material to use.

This polymer sawdust mix has many applications, including decking, hand rails, fencing, louvres, doors, pergolas, gazebos, garden furniture, playground equipment and roofing material.
Key benefits include:
  • 100% water resistance 
  • 100% anti – termites 
  • 100% recyclable 
  • low maintenance 
  • wood looking appearance, feels like wood, but better performance.