Queensland company Aircon Off introduces a new energy saving device designed to reduce power bills by automatically turning off air conditioning when rooms are left empty.
The new Aircon Off air conditioning controller aims to reduce the wastage of energy when air conditioning units are deliberately or unintentionally left on in an unoccupied room.
The rising power prices are impacting households as well as businesses as the high cost of running air conditioning systems has become a major financial concern. While staying cool during the summer, consumers can reduce their energy consumption by turning off air conditioning when they leave a room.
Aircon Off has addressed this issue with the release of the air conditioning controllers that automatically turn off the air conditioning units when rooms are left empty for a preset time.
Aircon Off General Manager John Clifford observes that power is wasted significantly when air conditioning is left on in empty rooms, going up to 80% in some cases. With a typical air conditioner costing between 50c and a dollar per hour to run, combined with rising power prices, this wastage has become a major financial concern.
The Aircon Off controller can be retrofitted to existing and new air conditioners, helping business and home owners to significantly reduce electricity bills, cut maintenance costs, and increase the life expectancy of air conditioning equipment while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering the property’s carbon footprint.
Aircon Off is set to provide a positive impact to the bottom line of many industries including hotels and tourist accommodation facilities where air conditioning overuse has long been recognised as a significant problem.
Key features of Aircon Off controllers:

  • Reduces air-conditioning power and maintenance costs
  • Easy installation and multi-option set up to suit any location
  • Universally compatible with all remote controlled A/C units
  • Mains powered (battery unit also available)
  • No conflict with air-conditioner warranty
  • Separate timing options for day and night
  • Tamperproof controls and connections
  • European design, Japanese components
Inexpensive and simple to install, the Aircon Off air conditioning controller is now available throughout Australia.
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