Brisbane-based company Beyond Condition has developed a new cloud-based tool designed to provide the property and construction industry a more efficient way to deliver professional reports.

Building consultants, surveyors and auditors in Australia are constantly under pressure to keep pace with their clients’ demands and are seeking more efficient methods to deliver their services. Experts advise that professional surveyors and auditors can be more effective by combining best practice with intuitive technology based solutions.

Beyond Condition addresses industry’s pressure to produce accurate reports in a shorter length of time with a new cloud-based tool designed to reduce the time required to convey the surveyor's judgement in report form.

Mr Ben Ihle, Senior Manager at Beyond Condition explains that the new online tool can dramatically reduce the overall time spent on site and at the office uploading and formatting reports, regardless of audit, inspection, or maintenance reports.

Beyond Condition keeps the users on top of workflow by creating rapid reports, with surveyors only required to take site photos and enter data. The new online tool will generate a formatted photographic presentation report, simplifying the otherwise tedious task.

According to Mr Ihle, a building surveyor typically takes three days to complete and return a report to the client; with the new tool, this is reduced to less than one day.

The Basic subscription for the cloud-based tool comes with standardised report templates while the Professional subscription enables users to set up custom report templates and define custom fields.