Maharam is launching Vases by Hella Jongerius, a new collection of textiles by the famous designer.

A new chapter in her decade-long association with Maharam, Hella Jongerius is designing within the technical and financial bounds of true contract textiles, which will make her work accessible to a broader audience. Fusing ancient craft techniques with modern industrial technology, the Vase is a mass-produced product that looks handmade.

The Vases collection recreates Jongerius’ iconic Red White Vase of 1997 as a densely placed motif. It served as a neutral, three-dimensional canvas in a series of colour experiments that Jongerius conducted in 2003, 2007 and 2010, when she arranged over 300 multi-coloured vases into concentric circles to study optically merging colours.

Vases employs a variety of textural weave structures including a plain, satin, rib, and twill weave to mimic the overlapping blocks of translucent colour that Jongerius had previously achieved in ceramic glaze.

A companion pattern, Colorwheel by Hella Jongerius, will follow in June.


  • Pattern: Vases by Hella Jongerius
  • Width: 137cm
  • Content: 62% Cotton, 38% Solution-Dyed Post-Industrial Recycled Nylon
A standout in the world of product design, Hella Jongerius has been able to create individuality on a mass scale with her work ranging from limited editions exhibited at galleries to consumer products available through Vitra, Nymphenburg, Royal Tichelaar Makkum, and IKEA.

Maharam offers a comprehensive collection of textiles for commercial and residential interiors.

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