Australian LED lighting company Loomi has launched the continuous dimmable strip light, a deep-dimming LED strip lighting product featuring Tru-Colour technology.

Loomi’s new dimmable LED strip lights not only allow the user to set mood lighting to perfection using any standard dimmer but also offer a vastly superior light form that incorporates more colours on the visible spectrum thanks to Tru-Colour technology.

Loomi’s Tru-Colour technology ensures a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the illuminated space, especially when compared to the drab and lifeless results of previously available sub-standard, patchy strip lighting.

New features in Loomi’s dimmable LED strip lights include Barry White smooth dimming (flicker-free right down to 5%; 9.5W/m operating power; 3000K warm white colour temperature; Tru-Colour technology for improved appearance; easy to cut to size or extend as needed; sealed silicone casing for water resistance and easy cleaning; 30,000-hour lifetime with a 3-year warranty; super flexible form that’ll stick to just about anything; and three different driver options for flawless dimming from 1-15 metres.

Loomi will soon release the rotary LED dimmer designed for excellent performance and silky-smooth dimming on Loomi ceiling and strip lights.