Konica Minolta reveals a new colour breakthrough with the launch of the new KIP 800 Colour Series wide format printers.

Designed to produce striking graphics and photographic images in vibrant, no-fade colours, Konica Minolta’s KIP 800 Colour Series printers are recommended for precise technical, graphic and office printing applications.

Konica Minolta marketing manager Chris Goult explains that the KIP 800 Series can capture subtle tints and hues with excellent colour stability and image fidelity for an entire print run, making the printers ideal for a range of wide format printing applications from architectural, engineering and construction documents to maps, posters and photograph enlargements.

Representing a breakthrough in colour print technology and resilience, the KIP 800 wide format series also generates fully lightfast prints, which will not fade or show signs of deterioration over time from exposure to light. The KIP 800 Series packs vibrant colour into the same compact design and functionality as the KIP 70 Series.

Key features of the KIP 800 Series wide format printers include a CMYK dry toner system producing 100 per cent waterproof images suitable for outdoor conditions; four large capacity cartridges, each holding 1,000 grams of toner for a total of 4,000 grams at once, allowing uninterrupted printing; media load assist system simplifying the process of loading media rolls; and choice of five models.

The KIP 800 Series combines user-friendly hardware with a diversified software suite providing one of the most highly integrated and powerful wide format colour and monochrome imaging systems available. The KIP System K Software features multi-touch tablet navigation, SNMP protocols, cost centre control, and cloud collaboration to streamline production print work, save time and increase productivity.

Chris Goult adds that the combination of KIP 800’s advanced software and hardware technology makes it a must for production printing by offering superb resolution and also maintaining this resolution at fast print speeds of up to eight A1s per minute, in either colour or black and white.

The five models in the KIP 800 Series make ultra-high quality wide format printing more effective than ever before, and include KIP 850 2 roll colour print system; KIP 860 2 roll multi-function colour print system; KIP 870 4 roll colour print system; KIP 880 4 roll colour print system; and KIP 890 4 roll colour print system.

Optional accessories such as an integrated stacking system, KIPFold 1000 compact online folder, and the KIPFold 2000 automated wide format folding system, provide flexibility for automated, high-capacity applications as well as high-quality one-off jobs.

Konica Minolta is running a series of seminars to coincide with the launch of the KIP 800 wide format colour printers. The seminars are conducted at Konica Minolta’s showrooms to present 3D and KIP 800 series technologies to attending architects and design engineers.

The Sydney seminar will be held on Thursday, 12th November 2015, from 12pm – 2pm at Konica Minolta House, 4 Drake Ave, Macquarie Park, NSW, 2113.