Kabuni Ltd, through its subsidiary Kabuni Technologies Inc., has entered into a corporate sponsorship agreement with the American Society of Interior Designers for one year.

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is the largest professional organisation for interior designers in North America. The organisation has over 40 years of experience pioneering and advancing the interior design profession, more than 26,000 members across 48 professional chapters throughout America, and 5,000-plus students across 300 student chapters.

The one-year agreement positions Kabuni as an exclusive ASID ‘Premier Partner’ in Kabuni's industry sector, with the right to extend by an additional year. ASID members represent approximately US$8.6 billion (A$12 billion) per annum in spending on furniture and decor in the USA.

Providing strong validation for Kabuni's technology platform, the agreement will allow Kabuni, as an exclusive Premier Partner, to promote its brand through ASID and market its business to a growing ASID member base.

The ‘Premier Partner’ category of sponsorship gives Kabuni unrivalled marketing and distribution opportunities, including prime brand visibility and engagement at the largest and most highly attended ASID events of the year; access to the extensive ASID digital marketing channels to promote Kabuni and its business, including blog postings, social media postings and emails; a dedicated landing page for Kabuni on the ASID.org website; opportunity to host one National ASID Board meeting at Kabuni's flagship Community Design Studio being built in Vancouver, Canada; Kabuni webinars to be featured on the ASID YouTube Channel; and Industry Sector Exclusivity as the sole ASID ‘Premier Partner’ in Kabuni's industry sector.

The agreement opens up significant opportunity for Kabuni to accelerate its marketing and distribution strategy, with Kabuni having access to the Society's 26,000-plus members. The partnership also allows Kabuni Academy to provide four professional development courses to the ASID online learning management system, with the courses qualifying for ongoing continuing education credits for ASID members.

Kabuni is an Australian company focussed on building a global business in the home design space by developing an ecosystem of innovative technologies to enhance the industry for professionals as well as consumers.