Beckstone pavers from JoBe Lighting are a new innovation in high quality in-ground lighting from Germany, based on LED technology.

Introduced by JoBe Lighting into the Australian market for the first time, the new Beckstone pavers raise the bar in LED technology and are encased in a solid block of resin, making them virtually undetectable from ordinary pavestones during the day.

The high durability of the resin ensures Beckstones can withstand exposure to climatic extremes as well as light traffic, frost and UV rays, all for a fraction of the cost of normal outdoor lighting. Beckstone LED pavers deliver greater energy efficiency at lower long-term electricity costs, providing a green lighting solution for the landscaped outdoors.

Key features of Beckstone pavers include customisation options for shape and colour; availability in a range of standard pavestone sizes for easier integration; virtually undetectable from surrounding pavestones by day; and manufactured to mimic natural stone texture and shape.

An ideal solution for creating an enchanting ambience in any outdoor setting, Beckstones can be an effective way to add visibility to roads and pathways at night or accentuate architectural features on buildings.