Wood is such a versatile material that there are plenty of ways people can choose from to reuse their wood product, and reduce the environmental impacts even further.

According to the National Timber Product Stewardship Group, by using prefabricated plantation pine frames and trusses, little or no waste is produced on-site so there’s nothing leftover to recycle.

However, for builders and manufacturers that still end up with excess timber off cuts, then read on.

Innovative and effective ways to reduce timber waste
Both the National Timber Product Stewardship Group and NSW Government Environment & Heritage recommend a number of ways to reduce timber waste and reuse off cuts.
  • Off cuts of roof battens can be reused to further reinforce the roof.
  • Used timber pallets and packaging for bricks, tiles and other products should be returned to or picked up by your local supplier for reuse or recycling.
  • Untreated timber excess can be used to make mulch for the garden. Alternatively encourage your local waste company to use one of the timber recycling facilities
  • Aim to cut the maximum number of pieces out of timber or manufactured board to reduce off cuts and save on raw material costs.
  • Investigate local recycling opportunities or programs
  • Separate timber shavings and dust as composting operations or pet shops may be interested.
  • Check with local landscaping or composting companies who may be prepared to take timber wastes.
According to the Australian timber database timber.net.au, there are increasing quantities of waste timber in Australia that are recycled into new particleboard, animal bedding or used to make renewable energy.

It is important to note that that timber waste for mulch and recycling does not have any foreign materials such as brick, sand, paper, plastic, metal or preservative treated timber in it. 

Timber or wood is a versatile building material that can be used for structural applications such as beams, walls, flooring, formwork and large timber panels.

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