Raymond Lee from Mount Waverley, Victoria has called Infolink a ‘Bible’ to win the infolink.com.au competition that aimed to subscribe more Infolink users to the directory’s bi-weekly newsletter.

Raymond took home an IPad for answering in 25 words or less, how he uses infolink.com.au.

“Infolink is the Bible of most building products without the hype and brow beating. It informs colourfully with clarity with easy contact to manufacturers/suppliers," he said.

The independent architect from Raymond C. Lee Architects said infolink.com.au is a great store of information regarding the recent push for energy efficiency and “green consciousness”.

“Infolink is my main source of info for building products as they are being introduced, publicised, improved or expanded in type and variety,” Raymond said.

Raymond believes infolink.com.au is a great resource for the architecture and building industries and allows designers to source the most cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, safe and non-hazardous products for a wide range of applications, colours and methods.

Raymond C. Lee Architects is a small architecture firm offering planning and building design services for residential and multi-unit development projects for owners and developers. The company can offer complete solutions through their network of consultants for projects up to approximately $2M.

Infolink provides Raymond with all he needs to refer to in order to source building materials and products to apply in building design proposals.

The directory provides him contact details to source the best products and methods to help his company complete specifications for working drawings and provide contract documentation for clients.

Infolink recently underwent a makeover, improving the site search function and site navigation to make user searches more logical and increase user engagement.

Engaging customers and applying feedback is one strategy to ensure the directory continues to be a great resource for the building and architecture industries.