Grip Guard Non Slip – Patty Carr (4 July 2008)

Grip Guard Non Slip  is an Australian owned and managed company based in Melbourne.  Grip Guard provides non-slip floor safety solutions for the health and safety industry.

Grip Guard has been advertising with Infolink for approximately two years.

Patty Carr, the Company’s owner, commenced her advertising campaign on Infolink with an Enhanced Listing and upgraded to a Product Showcase and Section Sponsorship on the first renewal of her contract when her Company decided to change its name. 

It was important to get the new name out as quickly as possible and the Product Showcase and Section Sponsorship on Infolink provided the perfect platforms to achieve this.  This along with Infolink’s ability to get articles up immediately meant that Patty didn’t have to wait for the development of her new website to alert customers to the new corporate branding or miss out on vital sales enquiries.

While Patty is unsure exactly how many customers Grip Guard has gained as a result of advertising on Infolink she does know that the number is substantial, “Lots. More from Infolink than the others, it’s definitely made a difference to the Company...[it’s] the best of the sites I advertise in.”

Patty believes her advertising dollar is well spent with Infolink and one of the main reasons she plans to continue advertising with them in the future.  She will possibly upgrade even further when she reallocates funds from other online sites which have proved less successful for her products than Infolink. 

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