Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) has launched a new 3D viewer that animates building evacuation and occupant movement, helping to enhance user experience and provide more advanced animation capabilities.
Previously only available in 2D plan views, the pioneering Simulex tool now offers advanced animation capabilities to investigate building egress and ingress. Used worldwide, the evacuation and occupant movement simulation tool can model different populations and is readily accepted by planning authorities. Simulex also uses distance mapping for automated travel-distance analysis, a component of all worldwide fire regulations.
Simulex can help identify potential problems and bottlenecks, and find solutions to ensure that everybody gets out quickly and safely in an emergency.
Don McLean, Founder and Managing Director, IES explains that the new 3D viewer for Simulex offers a much more visually compelling user experience and allows users to demonstrate more clearly to planning authorities that their designs meet or exceed their criteria. He adds that the results are verified by real-life data, research and independent testing so that the 3D viewer maintains accuracy even in complicated building models.
Key capabilities of Simulex tool with 3D viewer:

  • Allows users to define a building and its occupants
  • Simulates how building occupants move around a building day-to-day and evacuate during an emergency
  • Accurately predicts how long it will take for all occupants to reach the exits, based on the number of people left in the building at any time
  • 3D viewer animates occupant movement on each floor of the building
  • 3D viewer provides quick access to movie recording, and additional effects such as wall and floor transparencies
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