The Hoshizaki Lancer personal ice machine is the latest accessory trending in Australian indoor and outdoor kitchen design.

Mr Joe Thorp, Managing Director of Hoshizaki Lancer observes that small ice machines are increasingly being installed in the kitchens of new and remodelled homes, and are now on the specification lists of many high-end luxury apartment builders.

Hoshizaki Lancer provides a range of ice production and refrigeration machines used in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Already in vogue in America, the concept of a personal ice machine is just catching on in Australia, according to Mr Thorp. He explains that Australian climate is well suited to outdoor living and homeowners are increasingly converting their outdoor areas into comfortable spaces with portable barbeques being replaced by a range of built-in bench tops, range hoods, pizza ovens, bar fridges and sinks. The personal ice machine fits right into these outdoor improvements.

Mr Thorp adds that people who enjoy home entertaining don’t want the hassle of having to buy bagged ice.

Hoshizaki Lancer personal ice machines are also being customised for Australian and New Zealand high specification motorboats and yachts, offering a touch of luxury for sailors on the high seas.

Key features of Hoshizaki Lancer IM-30 personal ice machines:

  • Capacity to produce up to 22kg of crystal clear ice cubes per day in temperatures of up to 40°C
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Fits neatly into the design of new custom build outdoor kitchens or existing kitchens
  • Auto rinse and flush cycle
  • Closed cell water circuit protects against contamination
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