Energy efficiency means savings. 

Whilst long term monetary savings are a priority for many, there is definitely more to being energy efficient.

According to the Australian Government's Living Greener website, energy is connected to nearly every aspect of daily life. Coal, oil and natural gas - energy resources that we mostly rely on - are being used up that it would take millions of years to be replaced. Producing energy from these energy sources also releases harmful greenhouse gases which impact the environment.

By using renewable energy resources and switching to more energy efficient products, it will not only cut energy consumptions, but also protect the valuable energy resources for the future.

Buying energy efficient appliances can save money and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions over time. Use Energy Rating Labels as a guide when comparing and choosing appliances.

With the Australian summer season just around the corner, there are key considerations when designing, constructing or buying a house to take full advantage of energy efficiencies.

Air conditioning
Solar air-conditioning solutions from eco-Kinetics  convert hot water into energy that can heat and cool an indoor conditioning system. The units have the ability to store energy which significantly reduces electricity consumption, resulting in a system that is environmentally friendly and low cost.

Hot water systems
Solahart Industries solar hot water heaters harness the power of the sun, significantly reducing water heating energy use by up to 50-85%. A gas or electric booster is included in Solahart water heaters to ensure there is hot water supply regardless of the weather.

Rinnai Australia , Bosch and Rheem Australia also provide an extensive range of energy efficient hot water systems that include solar, heat, pump and gas water heaters.

Home and building insulation acts as a barrier to heat loss and heat gain, particularly in roofs and ceilings, walls and floors. Insulation helps to keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer.

RMAX , CSR Bradford Insulation , Fletcher Insulation  and Autex all provide a wide range of insulation products for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The construction of new homes are becoming larger, therefore the installation of light fittings per home have also increased. According to Living Greener, most homes could actually reduce the amount of energy they use for lighting by 50% by having less lights fitted, or by making smarter lighting choices that ensure maximum energy efficiency.

There is a multitude of lighting options to choose from which can also enhance the look and feel of a home or commercial property. 

Efficient types of lighting available include compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), light emitting diodes (LEDs) and fluorescent lights. LEDs and CFLs are the most energy efficient of these options.

Brightgreen , OZ3 LED , M-Elec , Hettich and Orion Solar  provide more light for less power. Another alternative is Solatube Australia 's daylighting systems which bring daylight into dark spaces by maximising the use of natural light.

Building a new property or renovating an existing property provides a perfect opportunity to think about ways to increase energy efficiency when it comes to heating, cooling, insulation, outdoor areas and appliances.