Custom letterbox manufacturer Adelaide Letterboxes invested in a Maxiem 1530 abrasive waterjet system from Headland Machinery to improve production and minimise lead time.

Adelaide Letterboxes has been supplying customised letterboxes to customers around Australia for over 15 years. Managing Director Andrew Stevens bought the business in 2012 from founder David Wood. Recognising the need to invest in the right machinery to manage and increase production, Andrew recently purchased a Maxiem 1530 from Headland Machinery.

A waterjet cutting machine from Maxiem, the 1530 sets a higher standard for precision abrasive waterjet machining and has the ability to cut impressive workpieces from virtually any material at significantly faster speeds and increased throughput.

Andrew explains that they have been able to increase their productivity while maintaining the same business size. He recalled that when he took over the business, lead times for orders were about 2-3 weeks. As the orders increased, their lead time correspondingly went up to an embarrassing 4-5 weeks with no impact on the turnover.

However, following the installation of the Maxiem 1530, Adelaide Letterboxes has been able to increase production with lead times back down to 3 weeks.

Jake Malycha from Aussie Sheet Metals, who manages the manufacturing arm of the business, says there has been significant improvement in production efficiency since the purchase of the waterjet. Having partnered with Adelaide Letterboxes for over eight years, he can confirm the improved productivity since the installation of the Maxiem 1530.

Previously, a batch of 100 units manufactured by hand would take 2-3 people 3 days to make; with the new waterjet, a single person can produce twice as many in a day and a half. Jake concludes that the waterjet has provided a lot of versatility to the business.