Ms Gwyn Jolley, Deputy Chair, Healthy Cities Onkaparinga will examine the challenges to the future growth of Healthy Cites in Australia at this year’s 6th Making Cities Liveable Conference.

The conference is being held in conjunction with the Sustainable Transformation Conference.

Gwyn’s presentation will draw upon the theory and practice of Healthy Cities and, in particular, on 25 years of experience from the long-running Healthy Cities Onkaparinga in South Australia.

The challenge of health promotion emphasises empowerment and participation of communities in addressing health and wellbeing issues, uses a range of strategies including medical, behavioural and community development, and is concerned with equity.

The WHO Healthy Cities project has been described as ‘health promotion in action’ but has received limited support in Australia. Federal and State policies and strategic plans suggest support for prevention and health promotion but are seldom followed by implementation strategies and resources due to reasons such as short-term political thinking, current economic constraints and the enduring power of the medical model. 

Health promoters should act to enable grassroots action from communities to bring pressure to bear on politicians and policy-makers to take a longer-term view of health promotion as an investment for health and wellbeing across all sectors of government. 

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