Australia’s influential green building conference, Green Cities 2012 will be held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre from 5th March to 7th March.  

Co-hosted by the Green Building Council of Australia and Property Council of Australia, the conference will bring together leading green thinkers, industry experts and manufacturers for three days of green building conversation, innovation and collaboration.  

The Green Cities 2012 expo will feature more than 70 suppliers and manufacturers of green building products. The expo hall will be open free of charge for the first time.  

Keynote speakers at Green Cities 2012:  

  • Mary Ann Lazarus, architect and Biomimicry expert on how taking cues from nature will transform the future of the built environment
  • Rachel Botsman, social innovator, on how collaborative consumption will reprogram the way people create, build and live
  • Nils Kok, sustainable property academic and advisor, on the undeniable proof that investing in green building projects pays financial dividends
  • Frank Becker, Professor of Human Ecology at Cornell University, on how and why spaces can be enhancers or inhibitors of human performance
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