Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu believes the $1 million international Flinders Street Station precinct design competition will prove to be an important first step in the area's revival.

In announcing the competition, he said, "We are looking for the world's best ideas to restore and reinvigorate the Flinders Street Station precinct, including the station concourse, platforms and historic administration building and through to the Banana Alley Vaults and Queensbridge.

"This precinct calls for creative brilliance from across the globe so a Melbourne landmark site can be restored to its full potential. This competition will harness the very best ideas and help bring the precinct back to life.”

Mr Baillieu launched the competition on the roof of the station with Minister for Major Projects Denis Napthine.

The main objectives of the project will be to:

  • Return the station to its former glory and re-use under-utilised areas
  • Create a significant civic space while allowing for a distinctive and memorable architectural outcome with a mix of uses
  • Better integrate the station with its surrounding precincts
  • Restore and protect the station's heritage Improve the transport function of the station and cater for future growth
The project is to include the whole 4.7 hectare site. The administration building, the platform area and also the rail yards to the west will all be upgraded. The overall aim is to improve the whole precinct as well as conditions for commuters.

After many years of neglect, the administration is becoming run-down. The Victorian government believes that the time has come to return this iconic station to its former glory.