Sydney Water has reported an increases interest in waterless urinals and ultra-low flush urinal systems as a way to save water in large buildings and public amenities.

There are three main designs of waterless urinals, each with different requirements for installation and maintenance:
  1. Oil barriers - refillable or replaceable cartridge
  2. Mechanical 
  3. Microbial blocks

There are also various Standards that apply to waterless urinals which are:
  • WaterMark certification
  • Australian Standard 3500.2:2003 for sanitary plumbing and drainage
  • Australian Technical Standard 5200.459:2004

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) and Australian Standard 6400 currently does not apply to waterless urinals.

Factors to consider when specifying and installing waterless urinals
  • look for WaterMark approved models
  • understand all relevant technical standards and Australian Standards
  • ensure current sewer pipes are not made of copper or copper alloy
  • sufficient fall of the sewer pipes to avoid urine pooling and odour, build up of scale and sludge
  • properly ventilated areas
  • sufficient sewer service diagrams
  • regular cleaning regimes are implemented
  • physical barrier between the user and sewer pipes
  • other water-using facilities are upstream of waterless urinals feature some of Australia's leading waterless urinal providers, servicing residential and commercial markets.

Watersave Australia offers the Uridan waterless urinals which help improve water and energy performance of any building. Apart from the potential water and cost savings, Uridan has a built-in trap with biodegradable fluid seal and the urinal system is easy to install for new and retrofit installations.

RBA Group offers its single stall waterless urinal which is fabricated from heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel. The unit is designed for installation in vandal prone areas, with aesthetics and water conservation a main consideration in the design process.

According to ZeroFlush ®, its waterless urinals save an average 151,000 litres of fresh, potable water each year. With no harsh chemicals used, ZeroFlush® has low acquisition, operating and maintenance costs.

The Britex 'Barren' waterless urinal feature a satin finish body with mirror finish bowl. It is a contemporary designed urinal which provides enormous water saving benefits without compromising on aesthetics. What's more, its vandal-resistant and requires no costly replaceable cartridge.