It is becoming more common for building designers and homeowners to want to know the acoustic ratings for windows and projects that have the acoustical specifications attached to them.

The Australian Window Association (AWA) has listed a number of factors to consider when choosing a window for its acoustic values and qualities which includes::
  1. Glass thickness
  2. Good sealing
  3. Sound insulation values defined in various Australian and New Zealand Standards for urban road traffic noise, aircraft noise, railway noise
  4. Wwindows and glass doors must be installed and sealed into the building facade in a manner that introduces no significant extra air infiltration
  5. Windows designed for good sound insulation should also be certified for structural performance and water infiltration

Window framing and glazing is an important design consideration for large commercial and apartment building projects.

Benefits of acoustic-rated windows for noise control
As one of the most invasive 'pollutants', noise transmission can be controlled or minimised. Double glazed windows or doors are effective in reducing the amount of external and internal noise levels.

Some of the benefits of acoustic-rated windows are:
  • contributes to the comfort and well being of occupants
  • increased the value of a property
  • contributes to the reduction of energy consumption

The SoundMizer Acoustic Systems from Trend Windows & Doors are high performance acoustic windows and doors designed specifically to reduce the transfer of external noise inside. The glazing properties help minimise the extreme noise levels occupants or workers may be exposed to in the home or workplace. SoundMizer is typically installed in high traffic areas (freeways, railway environments, aircraft flight paths and airport surroundings), domestic and commercial projects, windows and doors (timber, aluminium, uPVC), single or secondary glazing systems.

The retrofit double glazing solutions from Magnetite  not only provide noise insulation, but also thermal insulation properties to existing glass windows. Magnetite's double glazing solution is ideal for heritage-listed properties, residential buildings, offices, hotels, schools and hospitals. Magnetite has accredited third party testing as both an acoustic window and energy efficient window. 

Soundblock Solutions also provide retrofit double glazed windows for acoustic insulation. Its Aluminium Acoustic Window system works by retrofitting a PVC sub frame on the inside of a window reveal. This soundproofing method is tested to minimise noise up to 42db (approx.70%) using the optimum air gap.  

A number of Wintec Aluminium Windows & Doors  products have undergone a series of acoustic ratings tests at the National Acoustics Laboratory. A full list of acoustic-rated products can be found here.

The Thermaview™ awning/casement/fixed light window from Lidco not only boasts a phenomenal water rating of 1200Pa, but also offer good acoustic performance and extremely low air infiltration. The windows can be double glazed up to 22mm IGU's without the need to add unsightly glazing adaptors

Enviro Acoustics has taken a different approach to acoustics by producing a cost effective spray-on acoustic coating to obtain excellent reverberation control in internal spaces and high transmission loss barriers. The product is manufactured from natural recycled fibres and treated with additives for compliance with the Building Code fire resistance requirements. The acoustic coating spray can be applied to a range of surfaces such as metal, concrete, timber and plasterboard.